Welcome to my blog! If you have not gotten the chance to read my about me in the side bar, my name is Emily and I have decided to make this blog inspired by the many things I love in life. As cheesy as it sounds, as I get older, I grow wiser. I always try to learn new things about myself everyday in order to better myself. Putting myself first has definitely been one of the top lessons I have learned so far in college. This past spring semester was when I started cutting out things that didn’t make me happy so I could focus on better things as well as things that would have benefit my growth and prosperity. Once I realized that I have put up with so much shit I didn’t deserve, that was the minute that I decided to do what’s best for me, and yes, it has worked in my favor.

Speaking of growth and prosperity, one of my new favorite insta accounts posts SO much inspo and ambitious quotes, that I have gone to share on my insta stories! Here’s a pic down below from @themayfairgroup on insta.

I absolutely love this quote because everyday I think about my highest self, which is when I have a paying job as a Physical Therapist, working in wherever clinic I am placed (with my dancers of course!). As well as the Mayfair group on insta, their aesthetic, theme, and quotes make me feel like a bad bitch. Simple as that. As cheesy as it sounds, sharing little quotes like these on my insta story or pinterest makes me feel better about myself since I started the day with positive energy.

I also use an app called “Motivation” which you can use to save various quotes to your camera roll and set up notification to receive random quotes at any time of the day! Sometimes when the notification pops up on my phone it makes me happy because sometimes I would have needed that quote if I had a rough day!

I’m so glad you took the time to read this post and I can’t wait to start posting more! I hope you gain some inspiration in any of my posts, my corner (I know, cheesy) is always open for you. See you again soon!

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