Why I’ve started drinking more fruit infused waters

I love summertime because I have more access to healthier foods compared to being at school, and I also drink more water to stay hydrated in hot weather. I love drinking water, (oddly enough I know some people don’t) and I’ve been adding fruit to my water for extra nutrients, plus the natural taste is so good! In the picture above I’ve added mixed berries to my water with a squeeze of lime. Mixed berries have lots of antioxidants, nutrients, and are high in fiber. I love snacking on berries as well, especially during the summer! Mixed berries are one of my favorite fruit combos so I figured it was great to put it in my water. When I didn’t have one of these fruits, I would do strawberry lemon, raspberry lime, and even blueberry and lime waters. I’ve noticed since I’ve been adding these fruits to my water, there’s been a huge clear up in my skin, and I don’t typically break out very badly. I’ve also noticed I’m not as tired because I’m putting natural sugars in my body over processed sugars. I’m not a picky eater and I LOVE fruit so this summer I want to get into experimenting with more fruits to infuse my water with. I definitely want to share more of my fruit water combos with you guys. If you guys also have other ideas for fruit that you put in your water, please feel free to leave a suggestion any time. I’d love to try it!

To make this water I used:

  • A small handful of blueberries
  • A small handful of raspberries
  • One strawberry (to fit the size of my 16 oz cup. You can cut more to your taste!)
  • A squeeze of lime juice (yes from the actual lime, not the processed juice at the store!)

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