I walk around 3 miles everyday, and it helps me lose weight

If you’re like me, you may not know exactly what to do at the gym. Sometimes I want to try something new but then I end up doing the same things every time I get to the gym. As a former competitive dancer, running is not good on my shins nor my feet, I never liked running in gym class and I still do not like running now; I still take dance classes through school and whenever I can during the summers to keep up my technique, and running is not good for a dancers technique.

So due to the fact that I despise running and I don’t like being judged at the gym, I have resulted to walking. I walk with my mom and neighbors, and its fun because we all have someone to talk to and it makes our walks go by really fast! Yesterday we all went on a walk together and walked a total of 3.5 miles; we wanted to keep going but we also had a baby in the stroller with us and we had to put him to sleep soon. I have walked with my mom and neighbors during the summer consistently for about three summers, and it has definitely worked in our favor.

Walking has helped me:

  • Trim my waistline
  • Lose weight in places that I probably could not detect right away (i.e. my chest area)
  • Become more energetic and less tired
  • Sleep longer

Going on long walks is also beneficial because we are all in control of our workout. Our workouts have been at a consistent 3 miles, but we are able to choose our route, keep going if we feel good, or stop if we don’t feel good. My neighborhood has access to so many walkable routes that we can walk anywhere in our neighborhood! Going on these long walks everyday has benefit me so much and to whoever’s reading this, I think you should try going on long walks too, and here’s some tips to help you get started.

My tips for new walkers:

  • Start out slower on your first walk. This is what my neighbors and my mom had to do for our first walk, because we didn’t know how far we could go! It’s okay to start out slow because the more you keep walking, the more you will progress to walk more miles and a faster mile time!
  • WEAR GOOD SHOES! I CANNOT stress this enough! I recommend wearing shoes that support your feet well, and if you have good shoes that you wear to the gym, wear those. I wear my normal shoes that I wear to the gym and I haven’t had any issues with them!
  • Because it can get hot in the summer, walk later in the evening. I go on walks between 7:45-8:30 PM. This is because sometimes the weather can get hot during the summer, so we walk when it starts to get cooler out so the walk isn’t too humid.
  • Go with friends. Like the gym, I love doing workouts with friends. I love having someone there to motivate me and to talk to while walking. It’s a good way to catch up on our lives and to see how far you progress on the walk.
  • Find an area that you are accessible to walk in. While walking, you have to deal with weather, potholes, traffic, and uneven walking spaces. If that doesn’t work for you, you can find an accessible park trail, an indoor track, or a public place that offers lots of walking space like a mall or a zoo.
  • Lastly, keep track of your progress! I use an app called MapMyWalk, which is by Under Armour. I use this app to log in all of my walks and the app shows me the distance the walk was, the map of the walk, the calories burnt, and the average pace of walking. The app helps me look at how much my progress has improved throughout the years. One of my other neighbors starts walking challenges throughout the summer so we can progress how much we’ve walked during that month. There is also a setting where you can log your walk if you are using a treadmill, or if you run instead. It’s easy to use and I definitely recommend it!

Well I hope these tips help persuade you to start walking! It’s such a simple workout yet it helps so much with weight loss and for personal health.

Happy Walking!

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