My road trip essentials list

Ahh sweet summer time, aka road trip season. The time to drop all responsibilities and travel through multiple states. Besides packing essentials for yourself, you’re gonna need some extra things to help make travel time easier. Here’s my favorite things to keep me busy while on the road, and useful apps to use!


Sometimes you just wanna sit back and relax with your own music. Headphones are good if you want to tune out everyone else and just sit back and enjoy the view (and your music). Or if these help you fall asleep in the car, that’s good too!


It is SO important to have water on these trips, because you will get thirsty, and a McDonalds isn’t always nearby. Fill up a reusable water bottle and take it on the road.


Like getting thirsty, you are also gonna get hungry. Pack easy snacks that aren’t messy and don’t need refrigeration, such as pretzels, chips, fruit snacks, trail mix, popcorn, etc. You can even get bulk packs of snacks so you’re stocked up too!

Car charging adapter

Just in case someone needs a charger, it’s here. One person could be aux in the car and the other could be using their GPS. Car chargers are here in case anyone needs it.


Books and magazines are also a good way to keep yourself entertained and relaxed. Start a new book you’ve been wanting to read if you’re traveling for a while!

First aid kit

This ones self explanatory. Use this if anyone gets hurt or just needs a band aid.

Jumper cables

This ones also self explanatory. You never know when your car will break down because you will need to use these.

Extra cash

While traveling on the road, you may not know if you need to pay a toll, or just want to pay for something small in cash instead of your card, so having extra cash is essential in case of emergencies or when needed.


Sometimes the weather is kinda chilly when traveling, so it’s good to pack an extra blanket to use in the car if you get cold! Or you can use it if you just want to relax and be comfy.

Aux cord

I personally prefer my aux cord over the radio, so make a playlist of your favorite songs to travel to. It’s tedious scrolling through radio stations to see which ones work, so why not use your own music?


If you’re traveling with multiple people, your gonna need to split costs with them. Venmo is easy to pay other people back and request money when you need it.

Google Maps

I personally prefer Google maps over Apple maps when I need directions. You can also use google maps to locate any areas that you may want to stop at while driving.


This app is AMAZING. This app locates the range of gas prices at gas stations in your location. It helps when you’re looking for a cheaper gas price so you’re not overpaying for your tank.

Spotify (or any other music app)

I prefer Spotify over Apple Music, but no matter what your preference is, make a fun playlist, plug in your aux cord, and just have fun! (Side note: you can download your playlist on Spotify so you can even listen to your music offline when your service is not working as well!)

Hopefully this little list is helpful, because you’ll already have to pack so many other personal things that you need! It doesn’t hurt to have extra items to make the trip more fun and efficient. Happy and safe travels this summer!


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