I tried out a Target beauty box and here’s what I thought about it

I’m a BIG fan of Target, and if I’m not shopping at ulta for my beauty products, then I’m buying them at Target. So Target recently came out with beauty boxes that contained samples of products they sell (similar to my Birchbox, Ipsy, and boxycharm girls). They retail for $5, which is perfect because they each contain between 4 and 5 samples in the box. (I used the Target app with cartwheel to use an offer for 30% off a beauty box!) I’m an Ipsy subscriber so I love any sample box so much. I think they’re so fun and I love trying out all the different products. That’s enough for the intro let’s get in to what you actually came for which was my review!!

So here is what the box looks like and what is in the box!

The products in here are:

  1. Native deodorant in lavender and rose
  2. Method body wash in pure pease
  3. Pixi rose tonic
  4. Garnier skinactive rose water 3-in-1 moisturizer
  5. Garnier skinactive rose water facial mist

As you can tell this box contains products that are rose scented (which I love) so I was definitely excited to use these products! They all smell good and we’re definitely worth the try! Now let’s get to my review.

Native Deodorant

$11.99 at Target

I’m not the biggest fan of lavender, but the deodorant smell was not bad with the rose. It was not a scent I was expecting, but I could tolerate it. I am also not a fan of all-natural deodorants because they feel sticky, slimy, and I feel like the smell does not last long for me. This deodorant, however was the opposite. The texture was similar to my usual Dove brand deodorant, and the scent was very subtle and clean on me. It was not too sticky, and I felt cleaner after putting this on. This deodorant also rolls on clear!

Method body wash

$7.99 at Target

I LOVED the smell of this body wash. You could definitely smell the peony, salt, and rose in this small bottle, and the scent was still subtle. While using in the shower, the wash was soft and silky, leaving my skin soft and still smelling good. I would definitely buy this product again!

Pixi rose tonic

$15 at Target

I don’t typically use toners that often, but this one I have heard so many good reviews about. While opening, I loved the rosy scent of course. I applied this toner on before bed after showering and cleansing my face. While applying to my skin, I felt very very clean using it. This product is definitely something I will be using throughout the week to see if there’s any improvements in my skin.

Garnier skinactive rose water 3-in-1 moisturizer

$6.99 at Target

This product could either be used as a day/night moisturizer or as a face mask. I used this moisturizer at night as a face mask and after I took it off, it left my skin SO soft. It smelled subtly of roses so the scent was not too flowery. What I liked most about this was that the product was not messy, not hard on my skin, and it did not make my skin burn like some peel off face masks. It was soft and very soothing. I would definitely buy this product in full after using it!

Garnier skinactive rose facial spray

$6.29 at Target

So I typically use my go to Mario Badescu cucumber facial spray at any time that I can, but this one was also worth the try as well. I always put on facial spray before bed and in the morning so this was perfect to use. Like the Mario spray, it left my skin wet for a little bit but then dried shortly. The spray wasn’t sticky and was very refreshing. I do like both brands after trying this spray out so I would definitely use either one! These sprays are also great as a setting spray too because it makes you feel clean and fresh after doing a full face of makeup.

I hoped you enjoyed this mini review! I know I’m no beauty guru but I really enjoyed trying out these products! I was too excited to get my hands on these products that I really used them in one day. These boxes are definitely worth the try and l can’t wait to see what other ones Target comes out with soon.


side note: if you buy the rose box, there is also a coupon for the Garnier skinactive products if you liked them too!

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