My top 10 favorite places to shop

As a girl with bigger boobs and who’s not as thin as the models online, it’s very hard for me to find clothes when I shop, but it feels great to find clothes that make me look good and feel good. That is also the reason why I do not typically shop online due to sizing. It’s hard to find body positivity while shopping, so I decided to put my top 10 favorite stores that have different styles of clothing and sizes that everyone can wear.

Altar’d State

I first heard about Altar’d State when I was out of state (ha, funny) and I went ham on clearance. I normally get sale items when shopping here (it is a little pricey) but when I get items here, I find them so comfortable. The sizing here is normally true to size and they also have more sizes available online. The clothing here is a mix of modern trends with a boho type vibe. I always find something there that I like as well! It is also a Christian-based store so you can stop and get cute gifts with your new outfit.

American Eagle/Aerie

I will start off this as American Eagle has FANTASTIC jeans, but really we knew that. This is another store has more sizes available online (like short jeans or larger sizes for example). Along with their sister store Aerie, those are hands down the BEST leggings I have worn. I normally get their chill leggings (which are normal ones for everyday wear) and they had the best quality of leggings that I have worn (coming from a consistent leggings girl). Well enough about that, because all of their clothes are so cute, and they have such a wide variety! (plus the Aerie swimsuits for this summer are all SO cute and all 40% off rn!)

Abercrombie & Fitch

Okay yeah you’re probably thinking “Emily you’re not in middle school anymore stop shopping here” and you’re absolutely right. I started shopping here again when my younger sister started going more frequently since she loves shopping at stores like American Eagle or Hollister. I’ll say that the clothes they sell is nothing like what we wore in middle school, which is nice. They have a more contemporary, classic style of clothes while keeping up with modern trends; I like the store because of the different caliber of clothing. Unfortunately some items run a bit small so I have to size up sometimes, but the good news is that they have tall and petite sizes available on their website for anyone that needs it!

Dry Goods

For those of you that know me personally, you know that Dry Goods is my all time favorite store, hands down. I find that Dry Goods has some of the best selection of clothing for any occasion, and they always have great markdowns on their sale items! Dry Goods has a wide variety of different styles of clothing that anyone can wear, and that’s what I love most about them. Majority of my wardrobe is from there and I’m definitely not ashamed.


Express has the perfect mix from casual, to business, formal, and to going out. This is another store that also has fantastic jeans as well. They are also having a 70% off clearance sale and they always have great items on clearance! I love coming here for the variety of clothing and how mature but young looking some of their pieces are because I am getting older now.

Fashion Nova

Like I said earlier, I’m not a typical online shopper, but Fashion Nova is THE BEST for online shopping (and perfect for your going out clothes). The quality is great, the pieces are true to size, the delivery is fast, and theres a wide variety of sizing. There is also a HUGE variety of any type of clothing (and colors too) so it’s super easy to get distracted and look for more than you need. There is also always a good deal going on, and even the regular price items are very reasonably priced!


Lulu’s is more of a window shopping thing for me, because I am scared to buy things from there due to sizing unfortunately (even though I shouldn’t). I wish I could buy everything from that website because everything that they carry is SO cute. There are always items discounted and good promotions going on! Please feel free to share your experiences with me, because my friends who have shopped there have had good experiences with them.


I don’t always have the money for lululemon, (yes, I go to an outlet to get my lululemon fix) but when I do it’s so worth it. Their workout clothes are so comfy and made with great quality. There’s a variety of different tops and bottoms that you can wear based on what your typical workout is. If you have an outlet near you, they have GREAT deals on their products.

Old Navy

I’m going to be honest, I never fully got into shopping at Old Navy until I grew up and got out of high school. I find their clothes very mature looking, but also great for young people. It makes me look like my young age of 21. I find a lot of their clothes comfortable and so versatile that you can pair them with anything! I have business casual clothes, workout clothes, and every day clothes from there and they’re all great!


I’m back to tell you that I am a big Target fan, of course this store made my top 10. Target has a huge variety of EVERYTHING for every season, their new brands are great for capturing new trends while giving a great variety throughout the store. There are so many size varieties for everyone and styles for so many different people. That reminds me, I better go raid the clearance section now!

Well I hope you have a great time shopping now! There’s always something to find at these stores, and with summer sales going on you’re bound to find something great! Let me know what your favorite stores to shop at so I can check them out too; I always love finding out new places to get clothes from!


p.s. please feel free to leave your lulu’s reviews so I can conquer my fear!

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