To the girl who keeps it real while the others are plastic: keep it real

To the girl reading this right now: I know you’re exhausted with seeing through everyone. I know, I’ve been there. The most important thing that you need to do, is do you. The worst part is, fake people are EVERYWHERE. They’re in your sports, classes, organizations (especially greek organizations), and jobs. I know you’re annoyed but it will get better, just keep doing you.

A huge lesson that I have learned while in college is that everyone is fake. I am naturally a big hearted giver, so I naturally do things for anyone. I just think “oh they’re not gonna do that to me” when they clearly do that to me. After an incident where I thought that someone was going to do me like that, that’s when I started to see through people. I hate that it took me 20 years to understand that, but it did. Better late than never I guess.

I’m not trying to sound conceited, but I KNOW for a fact that I’m a real person, and part of being a real person is seeing through people’s bullshit. I have realized that SO MANY people are fake. For what?? I never understood that whatsoever, and I know you don’t either. Finding the people that are real like you, are just as important as seeing through people’s bullshit when the time comes. This year in school, that’s what I did, and it improved my overall happiness and outlook on life, because I wasn’t dealing with as much toxicity.

The point is, in a world of Barbie dolls, be a human. There’s no need to put on a show just to get what you want. There’s no need to go behind your friends back when they tell you they like a boy or if they’re having issues with a mutual friend. There’s no need to pick a fight with someone for no reason when they did something “wrong”. Yes I mean wrong in air quotes; which is doing something wrong in the eyes of a fake person. There’s no need for any of it.

Real, genuine, people are the ones that respect everyone and are the ones who are there during the dark times and the light times. Fake people only respect who they want to respect while not being there when you need it even though you were there for them. Don’t be that person, be the one who respects everyone.


This is proof that there’s NO reason to be fake. Fake people don’t keep their circle small!!!! That is another thing that I have observed throughout the years. If you keep your circle small, you’re automatically surrounded by real people. I couldn’t be any more grateful that I kept my circle small, because I had real friends that told me how it is, over someone who would lie to me and go behind my back. I would much rather be friends with people that I vibe with easier over someone that I don’t get along with or butt ends with each other. Therefore, it is easier just to be respectful to everyone instead of trying to be every single person’s friend.

To the girl that finished reading this post: I’m glad you read it. It’s hard being real in a world of Barbie’s, but here you are. God gives the strongest people his toughest tasks and lessons. To the same girl: I hope you continue to shine and be a real person. I hope you are respectful to everyone and have the most supportive people in your life. I hope your success offends EVERYONE that did you like that. I hope you’re the one who comes out on top.


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