The best eyeshadow palettes to use for neutral looks (All UNDER $45)

First of all, before I get into the post, I am starting a NEW section called “Budget Babes”, where I find budget friendly finds (like these) and share them here! As a college student, I love finding things that fit my budget, and you just have to look for them! I hope my finds are good for your budget. High quality does not have to be expensive! So now lets get in to my post!

If you have brown eyes like me, you might typically use neutral colored eyeshadows to match your eye color. I’m crazy and only buy eyeshadow palettes that complement my eye color, but some of you aren’t which is good. Here are my top eyeshadow palettes to use for a good natural look! Also yes, ALL of these palettes are under $45, and high quality!

Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha ($19)

I got this palette as a Christmas gift and I absolutely LOVE this palette. This is 100% my new go to because it has all the colors that I love, and I can create an entire look with this palette. Morphe’s eyeshadows are so pigmented and they’re also easy to work with, and they’re budget friendly which is also VERY nice!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam ($42)

Along with Morphe palettes, I also really love Anastasia palettes! This palette also has a great neutral color scheme, along with some pinks, to create a soft neutral look. The colors are also very pigmented and easy to blend together for easy application. I think these palettes are worth it!

Colourpop California Love ($25)

Recently, Colourpop cosmetics came out with this California-inspired palette. This palette has a lot of warm, subtle, orange-y colors to create a perfect look. I love this brand too because they’re all budget friendly and great quality! The colors are gorgeous and work so well together.

Tartelette in Bloom ($39)

Tarte has 3 different versions of the “tartelette” palette, but the tartelette in bloom palette is the best for neutrals. The colors are soft enough for a great and subtle look, perfect to wear for everyday use and time out during the days!

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions ($27)

This palette is part of the gemstone obsessions collection by Huda Beauty. I love all of the colors of this collection, but the Topaz palette is the best if you wanted a neutral look with the gemstones collection. This one is a little orangey, but still neutral enough to create a good look. These eyeshadows are also so pigmented and gorgeous, definitely worth the money! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance ($42)

Along with the Morphe palette, I also own this palette and love it! I personally think that this should be a staple in everyone’s makeup bag, because of how versatile the palette is. There are some pinks and reds in there, but the colors are not overbearing and can be used in neutral looks. 

Morphe 35G Bronze Goals ($29)

This is one (of many) new palettes that Morphe has come out with this summer. I personally like this palette because there is a larger range of neutral colors (with pinks, golds, and browns) that make a great color wheel to use for neutral looks. They are perfect for everyday looks or night out looks, and this palette is perfect for summer!



These are my favorite palettes for neutrals, but these cosmetic collections have more of a selection. Keep tuning in to my blog for more budget babes posts!


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