Fun ideas for your next Pool Party!

We’re getting to the point of the Summer where its SO hot out (also to the point where it’s almost over). So go ahead and host a pool party (or go over to your friends pool) to soak up the last few weeks of Summer! (*all images are used from Pinterest for credit!)

Blow up Water Balloons

Water balloons are such an easy way to get wet fast, and they’re fun too! I’ve used the Bunch o Balloons variety packs for parties and they’re so easy to set up and you have a lot to use.

Use Glow Sticks

If you plan to night swim, adding glow sticks are the perfect addition to light up the pool!

Make pool theme snacks and make dips

Having cute pool themed snacks (yes like those cute teddy grahams) are so fun to set the mood for your pool party! You don’t want to fill up too much or else you’ll be too full to swim. That’s why dips and appetizer snacks are fun to share with friends and to make a fun sampler so you can get a taste of everything.

Taco Bar

If you want another food idea, a taco bar is the PERFECT idea for multiple guests, and tacos are a great summer food. Having a bulk of ingredients will be perfect for everyone to put all their favorite toppings on.

Have Summery Drinks

Of course, you must stay hydrated and refreshed by the poolside, so you should always have water, lemonade, and even alcoholic drinks on site! It’s fun to make your own so your guests can enjoy it! Also, alcoholic drinks like White Claws, Mike’s Hard, or beer are perfect for the pool.

Get cute floats

Of course a key part of having a fun pool party is to have fun and big floats! Grab some of the coolest ones to share with friends.

Tropical Decorations

If you’re looking to decorate and have a tropical theme, these decorations will be perfect for your party!

Make a fun playlist!

Make a fun playlist for you and your friends to just hang out and relax and you have a great party going!

Have fun pool games!

If you want to get a little rowdy, having games is a great way to get a little competitive and fun with your friends. You can have fun and be creative with so many!

Well I hope these ideas help inspire you for your next pool party. Well what are you waiting for? Soak up the last few weeks of Summer with a fun party and have your friends over! Let me know what your favorite pool party ideas are!


*again all credit to the owners of these images on Pinterest 🙂

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