An Open Letter to all of My Dance Teachers

To anyone that’s taught me dance,

This letter is dedicated to all of you. The teachers who took time and effort to spend time and help me become a better dancer. Even though I am not going into the performance route, you all have instilled the love that I still have for dance, and for me to take my route to an offstage profession.

To start off, I wanted to thank you all for pushing me. If I wasn’t pushed or coached at a young age, I would have been an unemployable adult. You have taught me how to build my character, how to fail, how to succeed, and how to be humble. You all have instilled a good character inside of me and how to work with other people. To me, being a full time young dancer was the equivalent to me having a full time job. You have also taught me what a long day of life feels like before I even got to that age.

Thank you all for teaching anatomical and physiological terms in dance class. At age 12, I thought it was the coolest thing when we’d talk about how so many leg muscles work together in our pre pointe classes. No normal 12 year old would have thought about that but I was the one who appreciated it, even when I found it a little hard to work my muscles like that.

Thank you all for teaching me to dance from the heart and to always complement me on my stage presence. I always had fun onstage, and my face was the one that would show it. There were dances that I loved, and dances that weren’t my favorite, but I was taught to do any choreography that was given to me and to just have fun with it.

For the ones who let me teach and assist, thank you for trusting me with the children. I had so much fun choreographing for them, and they were too fun to work with, even if they had a hard time listening. Thank you for letting me be Miss Emily to them, I worked with the best kids. You all have also taught me how to work with young children because that’s my goal in the real world.

Thank you for making me hate dance team. I know this is so stupid, but if I quit studio dancing to become a poms girl, I would have hated it. You all have taught me that there is more to life than wanting to be popular and to not be around people that didn’t care about me. (No this is not a diss to anyone who’s on a dance team, this is a part of my experience, which I personally did not like)

Thank you for transforming me into a versatile dancer. Thank you for letting me to all styles of dance from tap to contemporary. I was thankful to have all my strengths in each style showcased, and to dance in so many large groups with my friends.

Thank you for helping me discover that I love contemporary dance and dancers. With my sisters going through the ballet route, I realized that wasn’t for me and I still loved jazz and contemporary styles of dance; my two favorite styles of dance. Because you all instilled that love for those styles for me, you have made me want to work for the pros in contemporary dance.

Going off of that, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for helping me and inspiring me to take dance to a farther level. I can’t wait to use my experience and education to work on dancers and help them get through their injuries. I know I wasn’t at a professional level, even though I was a strong dancer, I always took classes seriously. Dance was my happy place, and it was my place to express myself, and you all gave me that free environment to do so. Thank you so much.

To my instructors in college, thank you for your time in class, even though I can’t take class all the time since my major classes are always at the same time. I am so thankful that I get to take classes at a pre-professional level even though I’m not pursuing a BFA. Maybe one day I’ll take care of the BFA students injuries!

I can’t wait to apply my knowledge that you’ve all taught me throughout the years, to all my future dancers, young and old. Thank you for teaching me life lessons that I apply every single day, and thank you for helping me grow into an amazing young woman. I could not be any more grateful that I invested over 15 years of my time as a dancer; you all gave me so much that I will always be grateful for.

Love always,


One thought on “An Open Letter to all of My Dance Teachers

  1. This the most sweetest thing I’ve ever read. I just have to say that this letter will impact all of your teachers that reads it. It’s comforting to know that our time spent with you did have an impact as we all hoped it would.

    I am filled with joy that I got to be apart of your journey and to see all of your success unfold. Your dedication to the things you set your mind to is all the thanks I need.

    Keep pushing lady bug, the sky is definitely no limit for you. 😘. Ms. Char


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