July 2019 Favorites!!

I kind of hesitated to make this post, but then I said you know what, why not do it? Every day is a new opportunity to try a new food, binge watch a new show, or to just buy the shoes you’ve been wanting for a long time. There were a lot of good things that I found during the month of July, so here they are!

Entertainment Favorites

Stranger Things

This is probably inevitable; EVERYONE was talking about the new season when it was released on the Fourth of July. Definitely a good watch, great cast, and VERY easy to binge watch.


An HBO series that stars Zendaya AND produced by Drake? I just had to watch it after Game of Thrones ended. Seeing the previews before a new GOT episode immediately intrigued me. The topic of the show is something that’s not typically discussed on a TV platform, and of course Zendaya’s acting in the show is fantastic. Definitely a great watch, but due to drug and alcohol use, there’s some trigger warnings in there.

New Disney movies

Toy Story 4 and the Lion King all bringing back to my childhood. Definitely some criers and just great movies in general.

Fashion & Beauty Favorites

Nordstrom Rack

Okay you’re thinking well Emily the Nordstrom anniversary sale is going on (well, basically over). Sorry, I’m broke. I don’t have the money to afford Nordstrom like that (yet) BUT I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack and get two great work tops for a cheap price! I most definitely slept on that store in my teen years, and it’s definitely worth the browsing (and for budget friendly finds!) because you never know what you can find there!


You guessed it, ANOTHER store that Emily slept on in her teen years. Came in for a sale this month and got nice pants and a $2 tank top, but wanted everything else. There are so many great finds here and they’re all budget friendly!

Soma Bralettes

Let me start by saying that my bra size is a whopping 36DDD (no I’m not lying), and YES these bralette’s fit my chest PERFECTLY and they’re SO comfy. They’re also worth the money too because they last longer than your typical lace bralette.

Bath & Body Works Hydrating Body Wash/Body Cream

I got both of the products on sale, and they’re completely worth it! These both left my skin soft, smooth, and hydrated after my showers. I love the scent of the cactus water ones since the scent was subtle and not overpowering. They also have rose water and a normal water formula and scent.

Food & Drink Favorites

White Claws

To be honest, I don’t like seltzer water at all. However, I loved white claws for some reason. I think it was because they had more flavor than a normal seltzer water. It’s a perfect summer drink and perfect if you want to drink lightly for a day!


I recently came around this place, and it’s pretty close to where I live. This place serves healthy and organic foods, and the meal that I had was fantastic! You definitely got your money’s worth with the food that actually tastes good.

Starbucks Iced Guava White Tea Lemonade

This Summer, Starbucks came out with this new iced tea, and a blueberry iced tea for the seasonal favorites. I’ve been drinking this drink all Summer, especially in July! It was so refreshing, especially with the lemonade! I’m definitely going to be sad when this is gone for the season.

Lifestyle Favorites

Pilates Classes!

For those of you that know me personally, I’ve been going to a lot of pilates classes recently, and they’ve been AMAZING. These classes have made me feel so energized and the classes kick my butt! One of my former dance teachers (and employer) teaches these classes and I’ve been going in whenever I can fit a class in. They’re so fun and definitely worth it!

Well I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites for the month! I can’t wait to see what August brings to me, hopefully some more fun favorites too! What were your favorite things to see this month?


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