Here’s Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Fail

Everyone has goals, ambitions, and dreams that we all want to pursue. (Click here to read my post about that) Since the school year is coming up, it’s important to set goals for the school year. When you set goals and try to go for things that you want, there’s always that thought in the back of your head thinking, “well what if I fail?” or “what if they don’t accept me?” The thing is, because of these thoughts, that’s what’s holding you back from doing what you want. Because you plant these negative thoughts in your head, that’s why you’re holding back on trying to achieve your goals. Let’s talk about failure for a second and why it’s okay.

We all fear failure. We don’t want to fail an exam, or fail to finish work for the day, or fail to not work on our leadership positions. We as humans expect to be successful at all times, but in reality, failure is good. Failure is actually a learning experience for all of us. It actually prepares you to either:

  • Work on your mistakes
  • Prepares you for something better
  • Find another thing that works for you

Failure is a good time to work on yourself to see how you can perform better. It’s not the end of the journey, it’s only the beginning. You’re one roadblock closer to what is meant for you. That person that failed chemistry for the first time could become a doctor; It doesn’t matter what you have failed on, because that doesn’t mean you are not working towards the right profession. We all undergo failure, and it’s time to not be afraid to fail.

As a dancer, I have learned about failure, and how it actually makes us stronger. Dancers experience failure all the time. The dance world is so brutal that some companies don’t even give a dancer a chance to dance at an audition if they don’t have the specific look for their company. That’s besides the point, the point is, from dance I have learned that failure is a part of life.

We’ve all failed a test before, and you know that feeling after you got that bad grade. But then you sit and think to yourself “well maybe I should change something so I can do better on the next test”. That should apply to your every day life, not just failing a test. If you undergo failure for anything, you should ask yourself “what can I do better?” after something goes wrong. Asking yourself that not only enhances self improvement, but it helps you become more aware of yourself. Being aware of yourself and your limits helps with growth because you’ll learn how to react to situations and how you can work to improve.

Being aware of yourself also helps you to be more vulnerable and enhance your confidence so that you can go out and smash your goals. Once you are aware of yourself and keep improving, you’re ready to take on the world. You’ll be ready to go out and be confident to succeed or to fail.

Throughout my life I’ve applied to different jobs, ran for different leadership positions, and even ran for my Panhellenic executive board, and didn’t get ANY of those. Guess what, my world is STILL turning. I have learned to be happy that I did not get these positions, because I knew something better was coming that was worth my time for me. I have gained more connections and access to Physical Therapy clinics and observations that me not getting these jobs and positions didn’t even matter to me anymore. I’m happier that I get to work on something that will matter to me in grad school over working on something that would stress me out and have me butt heads with people. This is why I’m not afraid of failure anymore; it’s better that I put myself out there and represented myself over not doing anything at all. If anything, these failures helped improved my experience with interviews and job applications.

All in all, failure is just a sign for improvement. It’s a sign that something better is coming for you. It’s better for you to present yourself and put yourself out there over not doing it at all because you’re scared. It doesn’t matter what other people think, but you need to stop putting these negative thoughts in your head because it’s holding you back! Being scared to fail shows that you’re not confident, and people like confidence. You will find something that works for you, and no matter how long it takes you, you will get there. Do yourself a favor, and go apply for that job, go run for that position, and go apply to that school. So what if you fail? So what if you don’t get it? Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly!

Reminder: Everything you want is on the other side of fear and failure!


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