Back to School Essentials Guide

Hello and happy August! We all know what that means when August rolls around; that is going back to school. Now back to school isn’t everyone’s favorite time of the year, but this time is a good time for improvement and to try something new this school year. Here’s a list of things that you should have for the school year to help you stay on top of things. School is hard, so hopefully these essentials help you even on your rough days!


Let me start off by saying that if you don’t use a planner, how are you even getting through school? This helps me keep track of all my due dates for assignments, and to write down what I should work on for the day, or if I have a bill to pay or if I need to contact someone higher up by a certain time. One of my favorite things to do before the school year is write down all my assignments and exam dates once my class syllabus comes out! This helps me stay on track and to keep up with class scheduling easier.


I SWEAR by highlighters. These are the perfect study tool to mark down important information when studying, or to mark down things that you need to review for a test. These are also great to use in your planner to highlight different assignments in class when you need a reminder when your big exam is.

Colored Pens

I love these pens, and I use them in my planner to color code my classes and assignments. This helps me stay organized and to keep track on which assignment is due for which class! If you want to be bold, you can use these for your notes too.

Note Cards and Quizlet

Note cards and flashcards (or whatever you call them) are perfect study tools. Making them on your own also helps you retain information better, and you can use these when you study with friends in your classes. You can make these by hand or use them online with Quizlet! Quizlet has more study tools and tests that you can use online with the topic you are studying for. These are a college kids essential.

Music Apps

When things get too distracting, put your headphones in and listen to music. If you’re like me, you need background noise to focus on your work. I love using Spotify, and the student discount is fantastic, because you get hulu and showtime streaming sites for free when you pay for music. Pandora is great too because its like a personal radio station for you, and the music you like.

Chegg and Amazon

Both of these sites are FANTASTIC for textbooks. I use Amazon to get my textbooks quick since I have prime and I use Chegg for Chegg Study. Chegg study is used to look up problems when you’re working on homework that confuses you. This helped because I was able to look at the problem and see how they got the answer, and how I can use their work with mine. This was a great study tool and they also sell textbooks for cheap.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great for marking an important page in your textbook, marking a page in your planner, and to mark any reminders to stick on your desk. I like to use these for important phone numbers when I need to call someone at school or a PT to observe them. I have these everywhere and I love them.

Lastly, always make sure you have Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Folders in your backpack!! Be prepared for class always!

Another pro tip: bring snacks and water bottles to class too!

I hope this helped you with picking out your essentials for school! There are many ways to be more organized when it comes to schoolwork and your personal life, and thats the part of being an adult. Hope you have a great school year and I wish for great grades and opportunities for you!


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