5 Stores with Affordable Work Clothes

Hello and welcome to another Budget Babes post! Let me start off by saying at the young age of 21, I have to step into a Physical Therapy clinic in business casual clothes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find work clothes at a reasonable price because I don’t want to spend so much money. A lot of young women like me also have to wear business casual clothes to internships, student teaching, and the business world. You can look professional at a low price, and here are my favorite stores with affordable work clothes!

Nordstrom Rack

If you read my July Favorites post (If not, click the link!) , you saw that Nordstrom Rack made the cut for a new fashion fave. From that store, I got two tops and a pair of shoes for under $50! If I would have gotten those items at Nordstrom, the total surely would not be under $50. Not only is Nordstrom Rack full price affordable, their clearance section is great too! I got my tops from the clearance section since they had great ones in my size.


Normally Kohl’s has very reasonable full price items, but I’d like to brag that I found work pants for $3 at Kohl’s (with the help of Kohl’s rewards) in the clearance section. Kohl’s has a wide variety of clothes that people can wear to work, from dress pants to blouses. I personally like Kohl’s because of the huge variety of options for work clothes; there’s different styles of tops and bottoms fit for everyone at an affordable price.


I know this store is geared toward casual, mom-style clothes, BUT they do have a good selection of work clothes. If you get them on sale, the deals are usually pretty good. There are even good tops that are versatile for work and everyday wear. I like their work clothes because they’re so comfy and perfect to wear for a long day at work!


I was at Target awhile ago and saw that there was some really cute work clothes! Most of them came from their newer brand, A New Day, and everything was SO cute. Of course, the clothes are very size inclusive, something for everyone. There’s lots of tops, bottoms, blazers, and dresses that are work appropriate. Sometimes if you use cartwheel you’ll score a special deal too!

TJ Maxx

Ahh yes, the famous TJ Maxx where we get our name brand clothes for SUPER cheap. There’s a good section of work clothes, especially pantsuit (and skirt) sets for around $80 (others retail over $100!). There’s also a wide selection of good tops and bottoms when you need to look for those too, you might even find some for $5!

I hope this post helped you if you were looking for affordable work clothes! You’ll look like you already earn six figures even if you don’t. Also a pro tip, never forget to check your local outlet’s, plato’s closet, and clothes mentors! You can find really nice work clothes there for super cheap! Let me know where you like to get work clothes because I’d love to check them out!


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