5 Easy Breakfasts to Make When You’re Low on Time

We all know the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but it really is. Breakfast is what keeps you energized throughout the day, and sometimes you sleep in a little longer and have a time crunch for a meal. Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated, there are so many easy meals to make, and they don’t take long at all! Here’s 5 easy meal ideas to make when you’re on that time crunch that leave you full and nourished. Later on I’ll share my favorite recipes that I love to make so stay tuned!

Yogurt with Fruit and Granola

For the past few days, this has been my go-to breakfast! It’s so easy to throw together in literally no time. You can put your favorite flavor of yogurt, favorite granola, and favorite fruits together. It’s so easy and it’ll leave you feeling full! I also eat probiotic yogurt to help aide my digestion.

Various Toasts

Now I say various toasts, because everyone likes different toppings on their toasts! You can make avocado toast, peanut butter toast, or even cinnamon sugar toast if you’re feeling bold. Toasts are easy to throw together and top for a filling breakfast. I love using whole grain bread, peanut butter, strawberries, and bananas on my toast!

Freezer Prep Sandwiches

I love breakfast sandwiches! For these, you can cook the eggs meat, and assemble with cheese the night before. When you’re ready to cook them, you can microwave them for about a minute to a minute and a half on each side and you’ll be good to go. You can even make breakfast burritos and freeze them too!

Hard Boiled Eggs and Choice of Fruit

Hard boiled eggs, like the breakfast sandwiches, can be made the night before so you can stick them in the fridge and call it a day. You can peel an egg in no time and have a side of any fruits you’d like. This meal is good for when you’re really lazy and don’t want to prepare a thing.

Freezer Prep Smoothies

Smoothies are the perfect breakfast for on the go lifestyles; you can just put it in your cup and drink them on the way to work or school. You can cut up fruit the night before, use frozen fruit, or use a frozen smoothie base! There are many different ways to efficiently make a smoothie on a time crunch, and they don’t take long to prepare. Use your choice of fruit and liquids and the possibilities are endless.

That was my 5 breakfast ideas to eat when you’re on a crunch time. Not only are these breakfasts easy, but they are nourishing as well. During the school year I definitely want to share some more ideas and to share recipes of my favorite meal ideas! What are your favorite breakfast ideas and recipes? Feel free to let me know!


*All images are from Pinterest. Giving full credit to all image owners!

3 thoughts on “5 Easy Breakfasts to Make When You’re Low on Time

  1. Great ideas Emily! My quick breakfast go-tos involve meal plan and prep on the weekends! I bake a package of bacon and place in a freezer bag when cooled for quick work (or school) reheat. I also make a BIG pan of scrambled eggs and egg whites with chopped veggies to last for a few meals. Just keep in the fridge and reheat with shredded cheese… And some bacon! And my last tip… Make french toast and freeze individual serving sizes. Easy to toast or use the microwave to warm up!


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