Things I wish I knew my Freshman Year of College

So this year I am heading back for my SENIOR year of college. I cannot wait to get this year started because mentally, I am ready to get out of undergrad and start bigger and better things in my life. I have learned SO MUCH about myself and grew so much as a person, that I wanted to share my life lessons that I learned, that I wish I knew during my freshman year. I am glad that I am not the same person I was freshman year, and I learned how to mature and handle things well. Well here you go!

Save Your Money

Of course in high school, I learned very little information about loans and how to budget money properly besides what I’ve learned in my Consumer Ed class. Now once I go to grad school, I’ll be six figures in debt and that’s not good. So save your money and apply for scholarships. They benefit in the long run, and there are times where you’ll be eating sleep for dinner when you have no money for groceries.

Don’t worry about the school written major path, Everyone takes classes at different times

When I attended orientation as a freshman, my CHHS (college of health and human sciences) advisor for the day ripped me apart and basically told me I wouldn’t make it through my Pre-PT track because of my placement of classes. Well the good news is that I DID make it, because I decided to wipe out my Gen Ed’s right away while mixing in easy major classes to take (and lots of summer classes!). The point is, you can move on your own pace and STILL graduate on time. You forget that some people fail classes and things happen. You will get there if you are discouraged!

Sometimes your major advisors won’t help you, and you have to do things on your own

If you have an advisor that knows absolutely nothing about the field you are going in, well you’re in luck because I went through that majority of my undergrad years. If you don’t, I’m jealous of you. BUT I’m glad because it helped me work harder to get what I needed to do and problem solve on my own. So in reality if you don’t have someone to help you that way, you’ll learn great problem solving tricks of the trade.

Networking is important

With that being said, knowing people in your field of study is SO beneficial. These are the people that recommend you for jobs and give you positive referrals. I am grateful that I know a lot of people who are in the PT world that could help me with jobs and grad school. For instance, I have family members that went to my top school I’m applying to, and I have class with the head of my schools DPT program, so I have big shoes to look up to! Building a good network from life, jobs, experiences, and more helps you branch out to new opportunities. Sometimes, it’s not what you know, but WHO you know in the job world.

Take some Time for self care when things get stressful

During school, we all have our stressful days where we have so much to do within so little time. It is important to push through these days, but also it’s important to take a break so you don’t overdo yourself. Wind down and watch a movie, read a book, make something you like, or hang out with friends if things get too stressful! Sometimes quality time with either yourself or others you love is the perfect stress reliever. Don’t overwork yourself to the point where you are burnt out, take care of yourself!!

Alcohol makes you fat

Self explanatory. Not a fun lesson to learn, but still have fun, you’re only young once.

Surround yourself with friends who are honest and motivate you

There are two types of people in college. The ones who are here for a degree, or the ones who are here because they want to better themselves to work hard for not only their degree but for their future. Surround yourself with the second type of person. They will help you work harder in life and help you become the best person you can be. Be ambitious, work for what you want, and have a solid support system to lift you up. If you can’t find those people, than BE those people. Your friends will thank you.

If you like a guy in a frat, make sure he’s a decent human being

Ahhh little freshman me, liking boys who are frat stars…… it happens to all of us; don’t go for brad, go for someone who values you and won’t be with another girl the next day. There’s always a good guy in college to find, they’re a little hard but sometimes they come to you 🙂

People WILL do you like that

So you’re going into college thinking “oh I’m out of high school, all the drama will be over” WRONG. In fact, it only gets worse as you get older. There are still people that will do you like that. I’ve had people go behind my back and spreading rumors and telling boys that I liked them and it was absolutely ridiculous. It hurt me at first but then I realized that I don’t act like that for a reason. Because it is embarrassing. So just ignore that and surround yourself with people who matter over someone who’d spread rumors about you.

More importantly, ENJOY UNDERGRAD!!!

College goes by FAST. It feels like yesterday when I moved into my freshman dorm, and now I’m applying to grad school. I’ve made so many memories, made great friends along the time, and grew so much as a person. I can’t wait to have a great senior year, life is too short to not have fun!


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