The Best Tops to Wear for Women with a Large Chest

Let me start by saying that my boobs are abnormally large. I’m a whopping 36DDD (no, I’m not lying). My chest has been growing nonstop since I was EIGHT. It’s hard for me to find the right tops for me because of my bra size, and I have to wear tops that are L/XL sizes because my boobs are my biggest part of my body. It’s hard to find great tops that flatter my chest, but when I do, it makes me feel more confident in myself! I am SO self conscious about my chest (even though most women would KILL for boobs like mine) but I’ve learned to love it when I bought tops that enhanced my chest instead of diminishing them. Here’s the best tops for us to wear!

Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops are PERFECT for enhancing your chest in a good way. The ruffle off the shoulder tops cover everything to make your boobs look slimmer, and shapes them well. The flirty going out tops enhance your boobs well without having them spill out during a night out.

Halter Tops

Stretchy halters like these are good to keep the girls in place, and perfect for a night out when you don’t want to overdo it on cleavage. Halter tops do get a little bit tricky, because some halters are made for girls with small boobs, but if the top is stretchy, it’ll be perfect to hold everything in.

Tie-Front Tops

The various tops that tie in the front, or downward are perfect for us. You can tie the top any way that makes you comfortable, and the top makes you look slim and elegant. These kind of tops are in different styles from work tops to everyday tops. I LOVE these.

Wrapped Tops

Wrapped tops (especially the first one) are perfect for chest enhancing. There are so many comfy and stretchy styles of this type of top, that it makes the chest look elegant and flattering. If you buy one with a ribbon on the side, you can tie the top to however you like it, and how it makes you comfortable.

High-Neck Tops

High-Neck tops are PERFECT for holding the girls in place. I’ve been loving these tops because they flatter my chest so much. They don’t make your boobs look so big, instead they slim them down because the high neck tucks them in. There are so many different styles of high neck tops to try and work with.

Two-Piece Sets

Two-Piece sets are great, because you can buy the pieces in two separate sizes. My big chest girls you may be like me where you’re a different size on bottom than on top, so you can buy a size that fits you on top along with your normal bottom size, and it’s perfect.

Well my big chested loves, those are my favorite tops you can wear to enhance our girls! I know it’s hard to find good tops that look good on us, but it takes time. You’ll find perfect tops, dresses, and rompers that make you look amazing. Part of it is confidence too, and since you got, flaunt it (elegantly of course!). Let me know what other tops you like to wear too, because of course I’d love to get some too!


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