Keeping Up With Wellness in College

As a college student, sometimes it’s hard to balance having a healthy lifestyle along with student duties such as class, work, studying, getting involved within organizations, or internships and job shadowing. Lately I’ve been trying to improve my overall wellness so I can work on improving myself and to make myself feel better. Here’s some tips for you to start working on keeping up your wellness while in school!

Walk to Class

This is one of my favorite things that I have been doing lately! When the weather permits, I walk to class, and it makes me feel so good about myself because I can still get physical activity in even though I have a heavy study schedule. Plus walking is a good stress reliever, and can take your mind off of things when you’re stressed. I just pop in my AirPods, listen to music or podcasts, and call it a day!

Eat Healthier Snacks/Meals

In college, it’s SO easy to eat unhealthy. When out to eat, look for something that’s a healthier option over a burger and fries. Another good idea is to meal prep, and stock up on good snacks such as fruits, veggies, granola bars, popcorn, etc. Keep on the lookout for a healthy study snack post later, and here’s some related healthy eating posts if you need some ideas! You’ll feel SO much better when you put better foods in your body.

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Take Breaks While Studying

We’ve all been to the point where we had to pull all-nighters and staying up super late the few days before a big exam. When studying, it is SO important to take breaks, not only so that your head and eyes don’t hurt from studying so hard, but so your mind can focus on another thing instead on overthinking on your course information. You can do so many things on your study breaks such as watching some TV, reading a book, writing/journaling, etc. Also, when studying, you can study with a group of people from your classes and TALK to each other while studying. This helps you and the rest of your classmates learn and go over the material, because some people are well educated in one topic while you might be educated in another topic.

Limit Alcohol Intake

We all know in college that there’s a lot of drinking. Limiting alcohol intake is important to your health so you’re not hungover, sick, or tired the next day. You can even drink healthier options such as, vodka waters, white wine, white claws, straight shots (if you’re feeling bold), and anything thats not full of sugar. Sugary drinks are what really makes you sick and hungover, and that’s not good, especially if you want to be productive the next day after your night out.

Wake Up at a Regular Time

Waking up and Sleeping on a normal schedule helps your body adjust to a schedule and make you feel energized and less exhausted. Work through your class schedule, work schedule, and time with your organizations to organize an optimal sleep schedule!


Drinking water is SO important. If you drink water in the morning, you’re flushing out toxins in your body, and if you drink water before a meal, you’ll feel full and it’ll reduce hunger. Water in college is a great alternative compared to soda, juice, and alcohol. If you’re out to eat, make sure you order water to drink instead of that coke!

Control your Portion Sizes

Portion control in college is essential because of the odd eating schedule some students have (I know I have one). If you portion your meals out properly, you won’t be too full to go to class or work. With healthier foods, you can actually eat a larger portion compared to junk foods, because healthier foods are rich in nutrients and less processed ingredients in junk foods.

Here’s my tips for achieving and improving wellness in college! Practicing these have made me feel happier and more energetic. Let me know what your favorite wellness tips are!


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