How I feel about Graduating and my 2020 Goals

Hello, yes i am BACK!! I’ve been such a busy bee lately with school, work, and college & family life. I am proud to say that I am graduating in a few short months (however, I do have summer classes to finish because of my class layout, BUT I still have the opportunity to graduate in May!) and honestly, I’m VERY excited for post grad life. I’m very much ready to end the chapter of being an undergrad student. I’m ready for the new opportunities that life will hand me and to just be, and keep working hard and living my best life! Basically this post is me rambling on my goals for this year (even though I’m a month late) and how i feel about graduating!

During the beginning of this year, I was able to get a regular dance teaching job at the studio I subbed at and taught in high school. That means that my life just kinda took off this year. I really started being more adult like and expanded my horizons as a person, and was able to detach from organizations and opportunities that made me feel stuck. I could not be more grateful for my dance teaching job and how much it has help me mature and teach me about how to be a good adult, and how to work on my communication and counseling skills as a future physical therapist. This is the reason why I’m ready to graduate. Like this job, I was able to find new growth opportunities within myself, and when I’m in post grad life, my opportunities are endless. I am taking a year off to apply to PT school to work, save money, and to not burn out as quickly as most first year students do. I’ll be able to work on myself and expose myself more in the clinical world besides just observing, just before I attend school and start clinicals on my own. I’m really excited to expand my knowledge on Physical Therapy before school, because my overall goal is to be the best Physical Therapist I can be. I want to be the person who supports people and motivates people at their lowest point. I want to be the advocate for a person to tell them that they really can do it, and they can get better. I want to see the progression in a person, and to be the one involved in their recovery process. I’ve learned this past semester, that working in the medical/healthcare field really is my purpose in life, and that was a very maturing experience for me. This past year I was really able to find myself, and realize that I am such a special person, and that I have the qualities of a doctor that people look for. Realizing those qualities that I have, this made me more excited to graduate. The reason being is that I want to use my good qualities to my advantage, and to work on qualities that I need to improve on.

As an undergrad student, I really really grew, and I’m SO happy to say that I am NOT the same person I was when I was an 18 year old freshman. I am now a 22 year old young adult, and I definitely used my college growth to my advantage. I’ve met great people, and not so great people. I’ve had great moments and not so great moments. There are things I wish I’ve done, and things that I ended up doing. All in all, I’m so glad that I grew through college, got over a party phase, and really found myself during college, but now, it’s time for me to end this chapter of my life. As much as I appreciated being a student, I’m ready for new opportunities, and I’m ready to expand myself even more. I know most seniors are all sentimental and emotional about graduating, but I don’t feel that way, and that’s okay. Yes college was quite the experience, but I’m not going to miss it as much as most post grad people do. I’ll miss it in different ways, which were the great memories I’ve made with my friends, not the going out or taking dumb gen ed courses that I don’t even need. I’m ready to get my feet in the water in my future profession and taking classes that will apply to me as a therapist. If you don’t know I want to work in a hospital as a therapist AND with a professional dance company! Those are some huge goals, but dance has been such a HUGE part of my life and I figured I won’t give up my passion for dance, I’d combine it for my passion of PT and working in healthcare. The world needs more dance specialized healthcare workers, and I’m glad I will soon be one of them!

Overall, clearly you can tell that I’m ready to move on to bigger & better things in my life. As much as I’m grateful for the lessons, memories, and opportunities college has given me, but it’s time for me to say goodbye. I’m excited to become a new person to expand my knowledge in the adult world. In the future, I cannot wait to make an impact on so many people’s lives, and to one day become a kick ass practitioner. Here’s to manifesting and adulting! I may not be ready to pay off lots of money in student loans, but I’m ready to learn and undergo the challenges of adulting. Bring it on!

To end this post, here’s some of my goals for the year!:

  • To start saving money for student loans
  • To limit sugar intake in my diet (it’s been going okay)
  • To still take dance classes when I graduate
  • To have successful performances that I will be working at
  • To observe at a Chicago dance company, and of course Northwestern Memorial Hospital/Shirley Ryan (my DREAM job!!)
  • To use my year off to my advantage


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