My Personal Goals as a White Ally

I don’t really know where to begin with this, but I need to say that I am absolutely heartbroken and disgusted. I am feeling for the black community and I just hope one day we can all live in a world without this unnecessary hate. I could not possibly stay silent. I knew I had to use my white privilege to my advantage, which was to stand up for the black community. I have been feeling confused, angry, upset, and have also spoke out about some things too fast (which was out of anger), so i decided to really think about my emotions and put them into these goals. I’m only human, and I’ve decided to form these goals only to become a better human. 

1. Read more books about Anti-Racism

As a child, I was raised to love anyone no matter the color, shape size. I drew all my little stick figure people in all different colors to represent diversity. As someone who is not a racist, it is important to me to keep up those values as a person, and to educate myself more on Anti-Racism so I can be the best ally to my friends, and to be a great doctor to my black patient.

2. To support more Black Owned Businesses

I’m from a suburb 45 minutes from Chicago, and I’m so glad I’ve been finding more black owned business that are in the city! My goal is to find some more local businesses closer to my area, so I can support the community and expand my cultural resources. These owners worked so hard to put a business out, and it’s important to keep supporting them, but all the time!

3. To listen to more Educational Podcasts/Podcasts with Black Hosts

If you know me, you know I love podcasts. Lately, I’ve been listening to black people share their experiences on a podcast, and it’s so beautiful to hear. It makes me feel like they are putting me in their shoes, and most importantly, it inspires me to never stop standing up for what I believe in. These people matter. Their feelings and stories matter, and I want to keep listening to them, and to keep understanding the people in the community. 

4. To talk to my Students more about Diversity and Inclusion

As someone in the dance community, this community really honors diversity. I have younger students in my classes (I normally teach the minis and juniors, and on production staff), and it’s important for the younger generation to understand that they are worthy, and can change to love everyone. Their education starts with the environment they are in, and their upbringing at home. I want to be the extra person in my students lives to teach them to love one another, to support their teammates, and to be a good person.

5. To take a stand on the Healthcare Disadvantages

This last goal is more of a long term goal for me, because I’m not even a SPT (Student Physical Therapist) yet, but I hope I get the opportunity to stand up for my future black patients, coworkers, classmates, and colleagues. Throughout my course work in undergrad, I’ve learned about the disadvantages in healthcare that black people and other POC have compared to white people (Fun fact, my first black professor I ever had was in my Junior year of COLLEGE. He taught one of my major required Health Science courses, where we learned about these healthcare disadvantages) . Of course I think it’s unfair, and I want to be part of a movement to help advocate for black people and other POC to receive adequate health care. 

These five goals for me are more for me to keep implementing for a long time. So far, I’m happy that I’ve been listening to more stories, and looking at books and products to purchase. This movement has inspired me, and made me really happy that I was raised to be a lover not a hater. I understand that I will never understand, however, I stand. 

If you would like to donate, sign petitions, or look for more resources, please check my link below for multiple resources for you to take action. To the black community, I mourn with you, and YOU matter. Your feelings, stories, and experiences MATTER. I hope and pray that we live in a world without so much hate.

If any of you have any recommendations for books, black owned businesses, and podcasts, feel free to let me know! 

BLM Links


One thought on “My Personal Goals as a White Ally

  1. It would be great. I have never experienced racism because I live in Kenya but I feel for my fellow Africans and I am really happy to read such a beautiful post. Thumbs up.


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